Plasmodium Clash
Plastmodium Clash
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The Story of a woman who suspects her neighbour Mariah for bewitching her because she becomes sick after they had a quarrel. She was tasted malaria positive but she couldn’t still belief it’s malaria thinking it’s Mariah. She happens to watch a health programme on TV about Malaria, and she understands that it is Malaria and not Mariah …”PLASTMODIUM CLASH”

“Let’s Fight Mosquitoes”


About the Movie

The movie brings out some of the signs of sympthoms of malaria and some of the preventive measures.

                   The Message

Malaria Kills!

Prevention is Lifesaving

Preventing Malaria, guarantees Life!

On Set!

Kervin Maclead, Farhad Faraji
Agbor Leonard (Dir Leo)
Jenet Agbor
Filming Location
Limbe and Tiko, Cameroon
Executive Producer
Lawrence Nforh Chesuh
Coming Soon!
The film will be out on World Malaria Day 25th April 2023
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