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We are a creative company based in Sweden. Working with a network of diverse professionals, we believe in the importance of quality in products. Hire us now
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A creative company producing films and videos

With the belief that every aspect of the entertainment industry is settled on a high artistic ideology. The company is here to develop and provide its clients with prolific themes and compelling scenes; thereby, transforming their dreams into reality.

To us, your dreams matter the most.

Transforming Dreams into Reality


Mix Film Production beliefs that everything can be achieved through determination.
Film your project: Be it films; commercials, and music videos. There is expertise in this area.
Manage your project from pre-production to post-production: There are producers in the team with a management background.
We can edit your films, music, and commercial videos. We have Editors on the team.
Turn your stories into moving images and give you a great concept for your music video: There are directors and writers on the team.
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What You Need To Know Before You Hike The Mountain: “STRAY”

Mount Fako which is located in the South West Region of Cameroon, is one of the blessings of Cameroon. This mountain has been known for its provision of an international sport activity "THE MOUNT CAMEROON RACE OF HOPE " since 1973. For many years now it has been a magnet for tourists all over the...

Want To Be A Professional Filmmaker? Avoid These 6 Things

A production team (cast and crew – hired by the Production Company or producer) is composed of people from different backgrounds and talents who combine their expertise to tell one story. These people are responsible for overseeing the production process. Each one of them is assigned a part of the production process according to their...

HIV/AIDS: Filmmakers’ Concern

The health environment and people are the concern for everyone. in every domain.  The adage that goes “Prevention is better than cure” is big and deep. It applies to every situation with the prevention tool “Sensitization”. Sensitization is an “attempt to make oneself or others aware of and responsive to certain ideas, events, situations, or…