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The story of two lovers who refuse to take the HIV Test and they wonder why a virgin should take the test. They become more confused to see a friend of theirs who has been living with the HIV Virus for up to six years.

DILEMMA: ” Knowledge is life”.

It is difficult for most people, especially youths to take the HIV test. Even those who for one reason or the other takes the test, have difficulties in collecting their results. By watching this movie, it will make the audience understand three things:

  • The importance of taking the HIV test and collecting the result.
  • That eating, drinking, and conversing with an HIV carrier is not dangerous;
  • That by knowing the HIV status earlier one can live long even with the virus.



Production company
Mix Film Production
Rising Star Award: Producer/Writer/Director
2015, award by Rising Start Award at Canada International Film Festival.
Jenet Agbor
Diba Otang

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