Getting Ready to Write Your New Film? Screenplay Tips!

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Film production starts from storytelling to script writing. Then, through filming and editing to the screen. Storytelling and script writing falls under the  pre-production stage and filming is in the production stage. Editing falls in  the post-production stage, while the screen is in distribution. A story can be gotten from a new idea or from an existing idea. Existing ideas can come from a novel or any other book, while, new ideas can come from any angle. That is, It can be imagination or reality, which can also be from personal experiences or societal issues.  Once the story is ready for the filmmaking process to begin, the next thing that comes in place is the Screenplay.


A Screenplay/script is the breaking down of a story into actions and scenes form. It gets into the detail of the story for a better understanding as a film. Screenplay includes details of the  locations and costumes  for the story, which present the settings of the film.
A comfort zone is an inspirational pull-factor during writing
In other to write a script for the story you have for your film project, you need to think of certain aspects when making your writing plan. First of all, your comfort zone is one of the things you need to know.  A comfort zone is the environment and time. These will aid your inspirational power as you write along. The Comfort zone varies for individual, every writer has their idle comfort zones. Where and when you write; and how you write; is based on your personal inspirational pull-factor to creativity.

Environmental  comfort zone

Environment plays an important role during writing. By environment here, we are talking of where you are and what is happening around you at that moment. Some writers are inspired when they watch movies, others when they listen to music. Meanwhile, others get inspiration from the situation in which they find themselves in. Also, some get inspiration to write in a quiet environment like the library or the forest. while others prefer noisy environments: like a busy street. You have to search for that environmental factor that suits your inspirational kicks and tie to it.

Time comfort zone.

Time factor is surrounded by the time that is suitable for you to write. Some people are inspired to write during early morning hours, while some are inspired during the late night period. Some writers have no specific time that pulls out their inspiration for writing a script. Thus, It is a unique factor, you have to search for that time which fits your system and write during the time. After setting your writing environment and time, it is good to go now with the screenplay. But before the writing begins, it is important to look into the story again. Some stories comes as a summary and some in great details.

The Story Structure and what is required in each act

Screenplay is creative oriented. Thus the approach used in writing a screenplay is based on the individual scriptwriter. Some writers will first of all create the plots before writing the screenplay and others will write the screenplay before listing the acts in a plot. There  is no role, but there is a role when it comes to placing the acts to build the story. Traditionally, a story is structured in three acts. But of course, there can be more than three acts in a story.
  • Act 1: In this act,  the writer introduces the hero for the movie and the conflicts.
  • Act 2: In this act, the writer brings out the obstacles and setbacks. Also, this section occupies runs the longest time in a film.
  • Act 3: In this act, the writer provides resolution (s).

The film’s story’s structure in a summary form should sound like ” John wants to get that pen but he has difficulties collecting it”

Important Notes!
  • It is very normal to write and re-write from your first draft to the final version.
  • You can always get screenwriting books such as Writing the Screenplay/Writing movies  and writing software such as Final Draft to help you write your screenplay. You can also adjust the margins  of Microsoft Words and write your script for a quick start and go more professional with the software with time.
  • Nobody can bring out the idea in you, but you. It comes out naturally. All what a film school/company or colleague/friends can do is to provide you with the techniques and roles to build and bring your idea into reality.
We hope you\’ve learned something new or revised your skills from this film-making tips. There is a learning benefit from opinion sharing, we welcome your opinion in the comment box below please.


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